Why Write Essays – The Importance of Essay Writing

Logically, when you first hear about an essay, automatically you ask yourself – why do people write essays? What is the importance of essay writing? In every discipline pertaining to the education sector, essay writing forms an integral part of a student’s academic journey. From middle school, all the way up to PhD programs, essay writing is critically prevalent; in simpler words, you will have to write a proper essay at least once in your academic journey, regardless of your major. Such is the cruciality of essay writing. And the importance of reading and writing essay increases year by year! So, why do we need to write essays and how can we manage the writing process?

A wide majority of students view essays as being repulsive endeavors due to their perceptions of essays being tedious and difficult. However, this is far from the reality as this common perception is the product of fear and a knowledge gap. This knowledge gap will be bridged in this reading as we will discuss the importance, and benefits of essay writing.

The Numerous Benefits of Essay Writing

There is a vast list of benefits of essay writing, ranging from:

  • The inculcation of learning skills in a student’s personality in the form of researching, analyzing, and evaluating different scenarios
  • Students receive and are exposed to, a vast universe of knowledge and information which develops their learning and general knowledge
  • Writing essays helps students in improving their writing skills such as grammar, sentence structuring, spelling, developing arguments, etc.
  • It invokes the writer into pursuing self-thought and self-discovery. One can learn a lot about themselves by writing as it is a significant form of expression.
  • You can give meaning to your thoughts and emotions.

Apart from these literal life-changing benefits of essay writing, you need to improve your essay writing skills in order to do well at school by getting a decent grade.

Practical Applications of Essay Writing

Essay writing is not only about writing thousands of words; the crucial process has several real-world applications which are extremely bountiful for someone who indulges in essay writing. When you are embarking on the professional world, essay writing comes greatly in handy. For instance, essay writing helps an individual with his or her professional application process. After you have grasped the concept of essay writing, you will be able to write an effective resume for your job interview.

In order to boost your chances of getting hired, similar to the practices of superior applicants, you can write a profound cover letter that encompasses all of your skills, strengths, and weaknesses. This fruitful skill can only be learned if you are in practice of writing. As you see, one of the main features of the importance of essay writing is improving your practice skills.

Improve your Social Skills

When you have done an extensive amount of research, you gather substantial amounts of intellect. This increase in knowledge and intelligence allows you to participate in meaningful conversations in your social circle.

In order to excel in society, an individual needs to possess remarkable communication skills. Essay writing boosts your communication skills as it broadens your knowledge and thought process. Expressiveness is key to communication, and this expressiveness coupled with the skill of critical thinking, which is also a by-product of writing essays, allows you to communicate your ideas with appreciable efficiency.

Boost your Persuasive Skills

Do you find persuasive essays useless? Although this is a common perception held by many, it is far from the truth. Persuasion is key in strengthening your professional and social standing.

Many are unable to deliver their inordinate ideas due to a lack of persuasiveness. Although their ideas are solid, the way they present those ideas appears to be bland and lacking structure.

Persuasive essay writing helps tremendously in solving this problem by equipping students and professionals with the relevant skill of giving a sound structure to their ideas. You also have to use numerous facts and figures in order to persuade your audience in persuasive writing; Not only will this increase your knowledge pool, which can be used by yourself to showcase your competence, it will provide in-depth meaning to your arguments.

The Importance of Essay Writing in A Student’s Academic Journey

Students who tend to eminently articulate their expressions and thoughts into words are usually the ones who are in practice of writing essays. Writing essays is not merely about acquiring the best grades. When you, as a student, write an essay, you percolate your inner soul into the paper. This is a natural, and extraordinary phenomena. When you write something meaningful, it resonates with your personality and character. Hence, with the help of your writings, you can self-identify in a notable manner.

Essay writing develops analytical, evaluative, and critical thinking skills. These traits are indispensable in a student’s academic journey, and increase the potential of the student, overall. This garnered versatility enables the student to stand out from the rest of the crowd.

With these qualities, the student can progress into his or her profession with relative ease. It is without a doubt that essay writing translates into a prosperous professional life as it increases the chances of progression on a large scale.