How Has Essay Writing Evolved Over the Years

A majorly overlooked thought, the evolution of essay writing over the years holds immense significance in shaping the modern world today. Expression puts forth ideas which have changed the world, such as the importance of writing essays. Humans first started taking advantage of writing roughly 5,500 years ago. Ever since, writing has gone through a multitude of changes over the centuries and especially the history of the essay writing became straight borders too.

The beginning of the story

When essay writing came into early conceptualisation, it barely took any time before great writers such as Edmund Burke and Lord Montaigne started practicing this unique way of writing. Their writings consisted of a primal essay writing structure where almost the vast majority of their essays followed a similar cause and effect structure. The early writers used to shed light upon societal or scientific issues using their own arguments and judgments. It was the beginning of the history of writing essay.

During these times, essays started to gather significant importance as their audiences grew at an astronomical level. Not only was essay writing a productive way to pass time, readers received vast amounts of information and education through these essays.

Later on, in the 20th century, it was discovered that essay writing can be used as a source of entertainment. It was R L Stevenson who first discovered the use of essay writing to create comedic content. During these times, a different genre came into prospect as the likes of Virginia Woolf introduced the indulgence of criticism into essay writing.

In times of great ordeal, or on moments to commemorate celebration, essays were used to entice feelings of powerful emotions into the minds of the masses. Indeed, essays guided whole nations. They were used to formalize constitutions, acts, laws, et cetera. Interesting, how has the american essay evolved from that time?

Essay Writing Today

In recent times, after the dawn of the 21st century, the thesis format of essay writing was introduced. Its popularity rose rapidly, as it is the most popular form of essay writing used today. Almost every essay written today has a formal thesis statement that dictates the whole purpose of the essay. The thesis statement’s importance can not be emphasized enough; it is the heart of the essay on which everything else revolves around.

The thesis form generates a great deal of inspiration and ideas from previous notable works in the same field, or any other which relates to the thesis topic. Because of noteworthy theses, innumerable scientific breakthroughs have been made which have changed the world. Thus, this form of essay writing has countless meaningful contributions to the world of science, literature, art, academia, and society.

Essays today have shifted from entertainment based content toward academia. A reason for this can be devoted to the availability of other sources of entertainment, such as podcasts and videography.

Almost every major, at every university or college, requires students to write and submit essays, in the contemporary world. Essay writing has become a pivotal instrument to gauge one’s writing, analytical, evaluative, and critical thinking skills.

In contemporary writing, essays have transformed into several writing mediums as well. Articles, blogs, news reporting, and scriptwriting are some of the common examples of short essays being used to address a set of information.

A Few Interesting Facts On the Evolution of Writing

There are several interesting facts surrounding writing. We have listed a few facts which showcase the evolution of writing throughout the years. The history of essay writing in three paragraphs:

  • The English language changes rapidly. It is estimated that a new word is added to the English dictionary in a span of two hours. This change has been prevalent since the dawn of writing. Common writing style guides, such as Chicago and APA, frequently change their rules pertaining to the use of punctuations and grammar.
  • The first record of writing can be dated back to 5,500 years ago. This fact shows us that writing has been used as an effective means of communication since almost prehistoric times.
  • Writer’s Block. Writer’s block is not a myth, it is a real dilemma faced by every writer who has held a pen. From the great Virgina Woolf and J. K. Rowling, to the writers of today.

The Evolution of Writing: a Great Topic to Write On

Picking a topic for your research thesis or essay can be a tricky decision to make. Students often look for unique and interesting topics to write on. Well, basing your thesis on the evolution of writing can be a highly fruitful idea.

This fascinating topic combines scores of literary areas which are rich in their particular contexts. These topics range from: art, history, anthropology, sociology, linguistics, and language studies, to a list of many others.

You will have a plentiful amount of material to choose your main arguments from. Furthermore, you will have tons of credible sources to incorporate in strengthening your essay’s primary aims. After the reading of the article now you know exactly how long the essay writing history was developing.