Essay Writing Services as Lifesavers in Emergencies: Pros and Cons

Thousands of students use essay writing services for better time management. Sure, companies like that can take your assignment and deal with it while you deal with what matters more to you. Still, is using the help of pro writers that trouble-free when your essay problem is urgent?

Gladly, there are tons of materials for analysis given how essay writing services are popular among students. So, we’ll figure out what wins and drawbacks can be on your way to solving an urgent academic issue.

Do All Essay Writing Services Provide Urgent Help with Essays?

The answer is yes but only for the most well-known websites of this kind. Sure thing, some companies can help you only if you buy an essay in advance. Still, the search engine is unlikely to offer you such enterprises.

The tested and trustworthy essay writing services always have a huge net of pro writers. Sometimes students ask for an essay that needs to be on the professor’s table in 3 hours. This is not a problem for essay writers as there are always more than 5 assistants with a corresponding degree. So, the website is always ready for an unplanned case.

The same thing goes for editors. If you need to enhance what you’ve already written, then the system will pick out a free editor. And they will manage your paper in 3 hours too.

What Will Your Essay Look Like If You Ask for It Urgently?

You may think that emergencies might make your writer compromise the high-quality of your essay. If you use a popular essay writing company, then this will never happen. So, your essay will meet all the academic standards in any case. Which means…

Your Essay Will Still Be Original

Professional essay helpers never copy-paste even 1 sentence from others’ work. Quotations do not count as the writer will mark it out and write the author down. Pro writers have the right to back your thesis up with external sources, and it is what professors expect you to do too. And when pro helpers do it for you, they also must do the citations properly. So, professionals write your paper from scratch around your thesis only.
Thus, when your essay undergoes a plagiarism check, the results will show that your paper is 90-100% original. Incomplete originality is a common thing. Professors allow such results of a plagiarism check as the program will highlight something anyway. For instance, it may consider plagiarism a quote even when you mention the author and need their idea to support yours.

A paper from a pro essay helper will be at least 95% original which is a brilliant result.

Your Essay Won’t Have any Mistakes

The shortage of time never frees essay writers from their obligation to be eloquent and literate. In any case, they have so much experience that they write any sentence without mistakes automatically. Sure thing, there might be a typo because your essay helper has no extra time. But the editors will eliminate it after your writer finishes working.

Structure Will Meet the Academic Standards

Your essay writer must follow all rules. So, your essay will consist of a proper intro, a balanced body text, and a profound conclusion. Your assistant has no right to alter this structure even if there is no time to ponder on it. Moreover, the structuring is always standard.

Formatting Will Be There Too

When you buy an essay, you order a full paper. It will still have a proper headline, a well-done bibliography, and other obligatory components. You won’t have to alter anything.

The Overall Result Will Be Worth an A

You will get a full academic paper that is worth the highest estimation by your professor. There will be reliable sources, logical elucidation of your topic, and flawless literacy. If you wonder how essay writers manage all that, then imagine composing at least 3 essays every day. Professional essay assistants write term papers, coursework, and other academic papers too. So, an essay is never an issue for them.

What Are the Drawbacks?

Sure thing, we are not in a fairy tale. When you buy an essay urgently, it won’t have worse quality. Yet…

Your Essay Will Not Be Cheap in This Case

You can compare prices for essays that you order in advance and those that need to be in your professor’s hands ASAP. In the first case, your essay will cost about 20-30$. In the second case, this price will jump up crazily.

Such drastic change is understandable. An essay writer who can help you with your paper in 3-5 hours didn’t become a pro in one day. Those people have spent years to be able to help you with anything urgently. So, you’ll have to pay extra for their rich experience and stable professionalism in an unplanned event.

Also, coupons and discounts for urgent cases are non-existent. Of course, this is an exaggeration. Yet, you are still likely to not get a discount when you buy an essay urgently.

You Won’t Have Time to Re-Read an Essay by Your Essay Writer

Even though mistakes are a rarity even in urgent cases, flaws sometimes go unnoticed. And when you have to submit a paper in 3 hours, you won’t have time to ponder on it. Thus, your essay by a pro writer might have a typo or two. But this will happen once in a hundred times, so it’s not that bad.

The Curse of The Internet Connection That Will Let You Down at a Crucial Moment

Remember that essay writing services function solely online. And the Universe has a nasty habit of breaking our plans. So, if you need a paper right now and there is a problem with your Internet connection… You might not have time to download your essay when you need it urgently. It’s not a disaster but it’s super unpleasant, especially when you paid for it and expected flawless studying.

In Conclusion about Essay Writing Services

When you order an essay urgently, it won’t be worse than another paper. The essay helpers will do their best and your project will still deserve the best mark. But remember that the price will be much higher than for those essays that you order in advance. Moreover, the Internet connection might ruin your plan.

In any case, it’s better to buy an essay earlier. Not like you have to order it 2 weeks before your deadline! 3-5 days will be okay. And you will save a lot of money this way (not to mention steady nerves).