4 Ways to Write a Persuasive Essay When You HATE What You Have to Defend

Sometimes essay topics make us feel displeased. Still, your professors won’t pay too much attention to your preferences and beliefs. When they want you to write a persuasive essay, they don’t care what you think. In this case, your professor cares only about how you can talk an imaginary person into a particular decision.

Even though you might understand that this assignment exists to test your persuasion skills, the aversion won’t go away. Still, you have to submit this paper, or else you won’t proceed in studying. Thus, how do you write this paper when you despise the topic?

Wait, Is There a Way to Change the Nasty Essay Topic?

Sure thing, you can ask your professor to alter it or give you another topic to elucidate. If your mentor is loyal to students, they will probably let you do it a couple of times. Yet, some cases leave no other alternatives. Moreover, persuasive essays exist to make you ignorant of the topic and defend whatever.
This is why it is so important to train like this. When you ignore the topic, you focus on defending. The most important thing is to use the most effective methods of oratory. So, how to manage that?

Way 1: Abstract from the Topic Away to the Maximum

Ignore what you have to defend. Pretend it doesn’t exist even if it’s a complex problem of modern society. For instance, if you have to write an essay about why women should do abortions but you’re a pro-lifer, then imagine that people don’t have this right. Vice versa, if you’re for this right but you have to write why this right mustn’t exist…

Well, such topics aren’t the best for essay writing as they might provoke a conflict. But such essay templates float on the Internet, so there’s no guarantee you won’t have to write something like that.

The only thing you can do here is to switch off your real feelings and beliefs. Yes, it’s unpleasant. Yet, you have to get rid of this assignment anyway.

Way 2: Ask Someone Who Thinks Positively About the idea You Have to Cover

If you don’t have any idea how to defend what you have to defend, ask others what they think about it. Be especially attentive to people who like the concept you need to “vote for”. For example, if you smoke but you have to write an essay about how smoking is terrible for your health. It won’t be a problem to find people who can’t stand smoking and smokers and that care about their health strictly. Remember their argumentation and retell it.

Again, you might abhor this idea but you have no choice. Use others’ thoughts as a resource, back it up, and forget about this essay.

Way 3: Search for Expert Opinion That Supports Your Topic

If you have no one who supports the idea you have to defend in your essay, then use the power of the Internet. Anyway, persuasive essays need some backup. Scan the net for ideas and rephrase some of them and mention the authors. In this case, your professor will also notice your efforts in researching a topic.

Way 4: Use Help of Professional Writers Who Don’t Care About Your Topic

Unfortunate academic problems have a solution which is essay writing services. Professional essay writers work on academic papers every day. They see a topic as a requirement, not as a personal thing. So, your essay writer can explain why is it so important to exercise even if they never do sports. They know how to conduct profound research and compose holistic essays no matter what they believe in.

So, buying an essay in this case means:

  • getting a perfect essay that covers your nasty topic fully;
  • not spending a second of time on an essay topic you can’t elucidate because of your outlook on life;
  • obtaining a flawless template which you can orient on in the future;
  • gaining experience in persuasive essay writing;
  • improving your work with sources as they will fit the topic ideally;
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So, if you don’t want to deal with this particular essay, don’t make yourself suffer. Moreover, essay writing assistance is usually cheap or at least affordable. If this is your first time with an essay writing service, you will also get a discount. And one usage of this help will suffice to deal with many other academic issues.

Yet, note that finding a good essay writing service isn’t an easy thing. So, spare some time to research this topic.

Essay writing services function according to market standards. So, some components can tell you if this particular writing company is legit and safe. Look for:

  • Testimonials or comments. Popular essay writing services post them right on their websites but you can scan other resources with such a specialty. Find as many testimonials as you can but don’t cross an option out if you see a couple of negative comments. It’s better to analyze how the admins react to the negative experiences of the clients. And if everything is good, then the essay writing service is worth trying.
  • Official documents. It will be something like “Terms of Use”. Responsible essay writing services always post those materials and welcome clients to read them. You can find it either on the top or at the bottom of the website.
  • Information about the writers. A good essay writing service will be transparent about who works there. So, it must have a section that tells some details about essay writers.
  • Standard prices. The pricing policy is more or less the same on different platforms. The starting price for academic papers is about $13. If there is a price like $12, it’s still okay. But don’t fall for drastic underpricing if you don’t want to get a paper from scammers or even lose your money for nothing.

If you manage to find a good essay writing service, you won’t have to write a dull essay that you despise. Leave the tedious topics for those who don’t care about them.

In Conclusion About Persuasive Essay

Sometimes persuasive essay writing is far from being fun. And sometimes it might even be repugnant for you. In this case, you can pretend to not see the problematic nature of your topic. Just write it and forget it. Use some extra ideas from those who are for this concept that you find obnoxious.

If you have no intentions to work on this piece, you can always use professional essay writing help. So, the moral issue will become a problem for another person who can manage that easily.

In any case, the goal is to get rid of this essay. And in this situation, any means that leads to peace of mind is effective.