4 Fast Ways to Save an Essay That Went Wrong Completely and Doesn’t Fit the Topic

Sometimes in the process of essay writing, you can go too deep. At some point, the flaw of thoughts changes its way. In this case, your answer won’t be that good for a question you have to cover. And if the logical problem happened too early, then this imperfection leads to the scarce elucidation of the topic. Of course, in such a case, the mark for your essay won’t be the best. Unfortunately, there is no other alternative except for rewriting the whole thing. But is it like that? Is there nothing else to do? Sure thing, some means can help you save an essay. For instance…

Method 1: Alter Your Topic if There Is Such Possibility

On occasion, your professor will be okay with your choice of topic. And if your professor allows such manipulations, try to change the perspective of your topic.
The easiest way to do that is to re-read your essay and figure out which answers it gives. Given the answer, try to come up with a question that will need such a solution. In this case, you won’t have to re-think your whole composition and spend another hour on essay writing. Yet, this method will work only if your professor or instructor told you to choose a topic by yourself.

So, the pros and cons of this method briefly:

+ no need for extra research and work on your essay;

+ fast as you only need to rephrase your topic;

+ trouble-free;

+ your topic might become even more compelling and deep;

– works only if your professor lets you choose an essay topic.

Method 2: Focus on Your Topic and Make Minor Changes in the Storytelling or Elucidation

If your situation isn’t dire, you can adjust back to the coverage of your topic. If there are some thoughts that you don’t want to delete, you can leave them be. Yet, find something in them that at least leads to the disclosure of your question. Maybe, you can support those unfit ideas with good sources that cover your topic.

In this case, you’ll have to get rid only of those parts that are way out of the topic. Some other phrases have the right to stay. But when you go back to your plan, try to use the same tone of writing. If it alters sharply, then your paper will be hard to read, and your professor will notice the drastic change.

Advantages and disadvantages here:

+ you can do it fast because you don’t have to change a lot;

+ an occasion to saturate their work with expert opinions;

+ if you turn back to your topic and write a bit more, then your mark might be good enough;

– works only if there are not many logical issues;

– your essay might look weird because of the edgy change of tone.

Method 3: Let It Be as It Is

Sure thing, not all essays can be perfect. Moreover, you might not have enough spare time for essay writing in general. Sometimes the best way to deal with such things is to ignore them. Let yourself get an average or a low mark once and focus on not repeating the same mistake. Remember that studying means making mistakes all the time.

Don’t change anything, don’t waste your time on it. Make your thoughts on it and move on.

Wins and losses in this case:

+ you won’t waste your time on a bad essay;

+ you will be more accurate next time because of your experience;

– your mark won’t be good;

– overusing this method might lead to ignorance which will affect your results negatively;

– mostly a one-time event.

Method 4: Use an Essay Writing Service

Unfortunately, a shortage of time for re-writing doesn’t mean anything to your professor. If you don’t submit a tedious paper, this assignment will go to the overdue section. In this case, you’ll have to do your best to earn an average or even a bad mark that only allows you to proceed in studying.

The best way out of this problem is to ask for the help of professional essay writers. Their experience lets them be swift with the implementation of every academic project. So, if you didn’t manage to write an essay, they can do it for you without any trouble.

If you buy an essay, your paper will be:

  • Eloquent and literate. Essay writers that work officially have a degree or multiple degrees. They’ve undergone the thorny path of finishing college or university. And writing for them is an everyday thing. Thus, everything they write is literate automatically.
  • Full. That means your essay will consist of an interesting headline, proper intro, profound body text, and so on. As a result, you will get the best essay your professor could ever get to read. Papers from professional essay writers always deserve straight A’s.
  • Well-structured. Your essay writer will follow the standard structure. But what’s better, they can show you how to do it efficiently.
  • 100% original. Using an essay writing service never means copying others’ content. When you buy an essay, you will tell what your topic is and what your vision is. Your assistant must follow your instructions and write a principally new essay without any plagiarism. But note that there might be 1-3% of “plagiarized” content. It is most likely to happen if you need any quotations as the quotes have to be precise. If this is the case, your essay writer will mark the authors of the sources, so your professor won’t consider it plagiarism.
  • Swiftly delivered when you want it to be in your email. You’re the one who decides the deadline for essay writers. Your assistant will finish, refine, and check your essay before sending it to you. The only thing you have to do is download it and be free from your assignment.

Gains and losses if you use an essay writing service will be:

+ perfect paper that will get you the best estimation by your professor;

+ fast mean to finish any essay even if it’s troublesome;

+ easy to work with essay writers as their work is always transparent;

+ essays are usually cheap;

+ no effort but still great results;

– it’s hard to find a good essay writing service;

– not every essay writing company provides affordable assistance.

In Conclusion

Essay writing is much easier than re-writing. So, it’s hard to find an effective way to solve an essay problem when your elucidation has gone wrong. Sure, when the problem isn’t large-scale, you can correct some things and move on in coverage. Or you can sometimes let yourself submit a bad essay just to get something and move on.

Yet, if you need the best result and you can’t rewrite your paper yourself, then essay writing services are your key to success. An essay from pro writers rarely gets a B even, so you’re most likely to get an A if you buy it.